“Technology and Teaching”

Post date: Oct 5, 2017 8:30:58 AM

By: Princess Diane G. Supan

Now a days, we are living in a modern world. We are surrounded by gadgets, we can’t live without it because it becomes part of our life. There are advantages and disadvantages of using it. One of the advantages is that we can be able to accomplish our daily tasks in an easy way. The difficult one will become easy for us. Everything can be done easily and instantaneously. Primitive way of life is replaced by fast pace labor and thinking. Everything seems to be accomplished by a simple clicking. One of the disadvantages of technology is that we are always relying and depending ourselves on it. Sometimes, we can’t be able to do our job properly without technology because we refuse to work hard we don’t want to spend more time finishing a certain task and we don’t want either to sweat for a longer hour. Moreover, the human factor seems to get away when important decision has to be made. It seems that technology stops the function of human consideration. The heart factor loses its significance.

Since the advent of technology is ubiquitous we have to integrate teaching and technology. We live in a modern world that’s why our students are expecting more and new from us. Using visual aids is needed for us to deliver the lesson in a nice way. But, it would be better if we can be able to use technology in teaching, such as using laptop for making power point presentation, presenting a vivid, colorful and moving examples for each topic which can fascinate the senses of our learners thus, learning will become enjoyable and ecstatic to them. We can also use it for audio and video clip presentation, in that way we can we can able to deliver or discuss our lesson properly. Let me ask you, what is the impact of technology in the learning process of the students? If you will allow me to answer that question my answer is for me, it can be of great help. It’s very useful, particularly to those students with different behaviors and attitudes considering that they can focus and listen attentively when we present our power point presentation and show them movie clips as well as video clips of certain lessons. They always feel the excitement for every video clip we presented in the discussion.

Let us accept the fact that we cannot live without technology yet, let integrate our heart in nurturing our learners. Let us teach them to love and just to make them geniuses. They have to be smart and sensible individuals.