Technical Education: A New Road to Filipino’s Success

Post date: Apr 7, 2017 2:35:11 AM

By: Beverly B. Porlante

Teacher II, Bataan National High School

Technical Education is the study of technology in which the students learn about the knowledge and processes related to technology. In this field of study, individuals regardless of age sex or educational attainment are being covered by their abilities and passion to change and shape our world. This is to meet continuous human needs thru the use of skills and tools.

In a fast-moving environment, skilled manpower are vital in building the nation’s economy; both for the progressive and rising countries. There is a big demand in employing “skilled workers” in order for them to achieve their national goals.

Philippines, as a great nation was considered as the best supplier of excellent workers. In every part of the world, Filipino skills and abilities were being showcased. The passion in their area of specialization is always burning. That is why most foreign employer said, “How can you imagine a world without Filipino Workers”? Maybe world economy will be much affected. And the reason is most of the world countries depend in our skilled laborers.

Here in the Philippines, most of our fellow Filipinos are getting a good chance in employment because of their skills. TESDA, (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) a Government institution devotedly help all the students/learners to acquire necessary skills which will be their armor in life. Even they are not professional workers who man earned a degree after 4 or 5 yrs in the university, Tesda gave them this great chance of improving their life by acquiring skills of their passion.

In this competitive world, here are the lists of the courses which have a big demand both in local and international market.

1. Automotive Servicing – a course that will train you in performing gas and diesel tune up, servicing in automotive battery service ignition system, lighting system, performing under chassis, preventive maintenance and automotive shop maintenance.

Industry: Manufacturing, Engineering, Service (Automotive)

2. Baking and Pastry - hands on class and cover the basics of pastry, desserts, bread making and cake decorating.

Industry: Food Service, Hotel and Restaurants, Food and Beverage

3. Bartender/Barista – serving and drinks preparation. Hot such espresso, Cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Industry: Food Service, Hotel and Restaurants, Food and Beverage

4. Beauty Care/Cosmetology – helps/develops a person to perform pre and post beauty care services, perform manicure and pedicure, hand spa/body massage, facial treatment, foot spa and facial make-up.

Industry: Health and Wellness, Service (Salons), Hotel Industry (Spa)

5. Caregiver – trains competency in one person to achieve/provide care and support to infants/toddlers, provide care and support to children, elderly, people with special needs and maintain healthy and safe environment.

Industry: Hospital/Medical, Domestic, Service/Hospitality Industry (Home for the elders)

6. Culinary Arts – students can learn the basic techniques required in professional kitchen as they undergo training that pairs intensive hands-on practice with in-depth theoretical coverage.

Industry: Foods and Goods Manufacturing, Hotel and Restaurants, Food Service

7. Call Center Training Course – Enhance the skills of the participants and teach them exceptional call handling when interacting with their customers.

Industry: BPO, Hotel (Receptionist), Customer Service

8. Housekeeping – enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitude in housekeeping. Provide housekeeping services to guest, prepare room for guest, clean premises, provide valet service, laundry linen and guest clothes.

Industry: Hotel, Hospitality and Service (Hotel housekeeping)

9. Food and Beverage – this program provides knowledge and skills on the basic food and beverage service in different establishment.

Industry: Food and Beverage, Hotel and Restaurants

10. Refrigeration and air-conditioning Servicing – train individuals in installing, servicing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing air conditioning and refrigeration units in domestic/residential environment.

Industry: Engineering, Service Industry, Maintenance

With these acquired skills, Filipinos are well-equipped, skillfully honed and confidently assured that they can perform at their best in every chosen field both local and abroad. Thru Technical Education, they were given a chance to improve their lives. Name any industry and surely there is a Filipino who is excelling in their work or field.