Teachers’ task Behind the Scene

Post date: Feb 22, 2018 2:10:37 AM


Teachers play a very important role in education of every student and shaping each and everyone to become a good person. From the time when we first enter the school they became a part of us. Teaching us how to read, write and act what is right. For some, the job of a teacher is simple as that. Starts with preparing a lesson plan, creating instructional materials, teaching the lesson and ends with that. Those are jobs, scenarios or scene of a teacher that we already know, but do we really know what’s behind the scene?

We didn’t know that teachers are suffering hard in preparing a daily lesson plan. Making an effective lesson plans requires time, diligence and understanding of your students’ goals and abilities. Teachers must think deeply how they are going to make their lesson very lively, fun and at the same time ensuring that the students will learn what they ought to be learned even if it means sleepless nights.

We know that in creating instructional materials teachers must be very creative in selecting, preparing and using the instructional materials but did you know that sometimes teachers have to use their own money to buy supplies, materials or equipment just to provide the best instructional material for the students in order to give meaningful learning experience, to motivate the students, sustain their interest and increase the retention of the lesson.

We didn’t know that in teaching the lesson, the teacher needs to prepare not only the lesson plan, the instructional materials but most importantly, teacher needs to prepare her own self with highest confidence and knowledge about the lesson because they wanted to ensure that the students will learn and that their ways or modes of teaching will be going to be effective to them.

Those are task that a teacher must perform and accomplish. However, their job does not end only with that. Sometimes after class or even during vacation, the teacher needs to attend meetings, seminars, write reports, tutor those who are having trouble with their schoolwork, serve as mentors, and counsel those students who have personal issues.

At first, you think that teacher’s job is so simple that you just need to make a lesson plan, prepare the instructional materials and then teach. But when you find out what’s really behind the teachers’ job you will really appreciate, respect and love teachers.