Teacher's Reflection

Post date: Aug 19, 2014 1:34:58 AM

by: Marey E. Cezar, Teacher I (BNHS ,Dangcol)

My teaching experience has been quite varied since I am new to the profession. I found it difficult to cope with changes from being an ordinary housewife to a professional teacher. As a new teacher in Bataan National High School, I was assigned to teach in our extension school in Dangcol, City of Balanga. The place has a different setting compared to the main school. When I heard of my deployment, I was struck with fear and anxiety. I even cried in front of my co-teachers, but the distress feelings vanished easily because of my supportive English Department Head, Mrs. Virginia D. Enriquez. She said that this would be a good place for me to learn and grow as a new teacher , and that I would greatly value this experience later in my career. She was right.

I did have a very difficult year, but the experiences I gained and the heart that developed in me for my students will forever change the path of my teaching career.

Because we are only two teachers in Bataan National High School Annex at Dangcol, I taught a variety of subjects (English, AP, Filipino and EsP or Values Education). The small setting of the school enabled me to get to know my students and my co-teacher more.

In working with my students and co-teacher I have developed ability in organization and motivation. I have found that it is very important to have enough materials for the entire class because many of my students cannot afford to buy their supplies due to limited availability of transportation and other services such as internet access and computer shops.

This experience made me begin to realize that it is important to look at life through other people’s eye (their inspirations and hardships in life), I feel that it is important for me to set principles to live by and as a classroom teacher I must set standards for my students because this would help me to create a classroom environment where students can succeed.

I feel that I have grown professionally in the field of teaching, but I have so much still to learn, and being involved in so many programs and learning activities with my colleagues and Department Heads, it would provide me endless opportunities to continue to grow. I know this growth will enable me to be more effective teacher and a better person as well.