Post date: Oct 23, 2014 6:00:38 AM

By: Salve V. Calderon

English Teacher (BNHS)

“The dignity of a teacher is the mirror of his/her way of life .“

Every individual is given the responsibility to be a role model to others. One of which is a TEACHER. Being in the field of education, I realized that I have a great impact on my students’ life, because they are always curious of the words that I say, the clothes I wear, and even my personal life. Students see teachers as an epitome of a good person. In this case, they usually imitate or follow what we say and do.

How can I really maintain good dignity as a teacher? Do I really need to be a perfect person, because I’m aware that I need to be a good example to my students? Should I live my life perfectly? These are some of the questions I have in mind while writing this essay.

In my own point of view, dignity is acquired by having a good relationship with the people around you. As a teacher, I need to reach my hands to those people who think that teachers need to be perfect. Maintaining our dignity means that living our life away from the things which are not morally upright. We need to speak words that are teachable and inspiring. We have to observe proper decorum at all times. We must keep our promises to others, and we have to avoid involving ourselves into gossips. These are just some of the reminders that I know, to maintain our dignity as a teacher.

Being a model to others means a great responsibility. Every time I’m alone I always tell myself that, I can teach twenty what good to be done than to be one of the twenty following my own teaching. As a teacher we have the ability to influence our students in ways no one else can. Every positive word we speak will be imprinted on their hearts forever. God gave us a special task when He called us to teach, knowing we would be a wonderful inspiration to our students. So let’s be encouraged, knowing He has entrusted us with a very special responsibility.

As a teacher I know that it is our responsibility to demonstrate patience with the students. We are committed to supporting our students to pursue their dreams and reach for higher goals in the years to come. We have to show that we believe in them and to let them know that someone’s watching--and clapping wildly—as they cross that finish line. We must encourage our students to share their gifts and talents to enhance the classroom environment and to help them develop their strong points.

Hence, being a teacher is not easy. We are compared to superstars in the movie industry. Our life is always followed and scrutinized by others, because “Teachers are role models.” But, nobody is perfect; we are prone to commit mistakes and therefore, we have to be guided by the reminders and cautions. Remember that our dignity reflects ourselves. This is our mirror which must be handled with care.