Post date: Mar 31, 2017 6:30:32 AM

By Gemma M. Manalo

Teacher III

Bataan National High School

City of Balanga, Bataan

On the careless expression of words, Ward a writer, reminds us about the harm that may inflict the feelings of others, which states ”Can one hold back the waves and ripples once a pebble has broken the calm of the lake’s surface? Neither can one control the ever-widening, ever-damaging effects of an unkind words, once it has entered the ears of another” these are words every teacher should ponder upon.: The lines speak for themselves--- that words said with spite are destructive as a new bolo. In fact hurtful words said to a student or students always hurt their feelings. This can be compared to a strong fire that will give bad effects to student’s performance. For a teacher to do this ,is very harmful.to his/her students.

Assuming that you get mad to a student or the whole class is not a passport to say hurtful words to him or them. What happened in the classroom whether you like it or not will spread and will reached the ears of others, especially to parents of these students. “You will often be sorry for saying harsh words, but you will never regret saying one.”as Flint puts it.”

On the other hand, teachers, why not always practice giving pleasant words? These words are pleasing not only to the ears, but also, to the emotions and to the spirit. It is just normal for a teacher to learn more about his/her students. This will bring harmony and goodwill between teacher and the students. Their relationships and bonding will be more enhanced inside and outside the classroom.

Once the students experienced this, they will feel disappointment, humiliation and loss of interest to attend the class of that particular teacher. Trust and respect must be develop between teachers and student, to avoid destroying the emotional, spiritual, physical sides of the students. If this happens academic and achievement level of student will be raised. Why must the students suffer because of harsh words, where in fact, the teacher can very well mold the students into the persons they want them to be want them to be through soothing and kind words,

Some of the positive things a teacher can do is:first, stop finding fault among students, instead look for their positive sides; surely students are lovable children, you can find a lot; second, focus on their good sides, so that you will not be tempted to say harsh words to them, and third, appreciate the good things done by the students, Seeing their good sides will have a good effect, and it will show in the way you react to them. Lastly, speak words that build up, words that please and words that soothe. The teacher and students will feel good, and when this happens, they will think good and become a model class.

Teachers, let us be reminded of the words coming from Martin Luther which states that “ When Jesus utters a word, He opens His mouth so wide that it embraces all heaven and earth, even though the word be but a whisper.”