Post date: Jan 8, 2018 1:59:31 AM



There is a song line which goes; “every breath you take, every move you make…” and it all seem to be what is happening nowadays.

Even before the new millennium starts, it appears that everything has to contend with what the global economy dictates in order to live. This is partly true when one needs to have something out of the backyard, one needs money to get it. In almost everything, be it a necessary need or merely a want there is always a money equivalent to the value of every purchase.

In as much as one would like to buy things for oneself and family, the means of having it acquired sometimes fall into a short-lived desire of not getting it at all. Some would be forced to borrow or make a loan to have it once and for all which makes the purchase more costly with the interest marked on top of the goods and services.

In recent news, some creative minds had a P20 bill that was made to appear like a P 50 bill. It passed the counter, the item was taken home even before it was learned that the money was tampered. This is quite unfortunate since it happened at the same time when the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is making national announcements on the security features of new bills for circulation by the year 2018. Anent to this, seeing the P20.00 appearing like P50.00 which even a child can do out of his wits makes the added security net of the new bills still unsecured .

Counterfeit money can be describing d as a symbol of poverty. People wanting, people needing, yet many are not able to have what they want or need. The only recourse to satisfy wants or even the practical needs is to employ some illegal means.

The intuitive mind will lead us to creativity and at the same time makes us learn to realize that education being a given right to every citizen of this country is a primary foundation to poverty alleviation. It will not only lessen tampering, for creativity can be transformed into justifiable act of fairness and honesty with every breath and move one makes.

In various ways, people can find ways to invest their hard earned money for the purpose of future gains but tight situations simply make it hard for them to afford it. One sure way of starting investment ventures is from the learning one can acquire through formal education. It is the call of duty of educators to bring people equal opportunity in the light of establishing a better future. Needless to say, money is never a guarantee for the securities in life. With proper guidance they can have the gains of learning that will soon reap better results. Indeed when wisdom is tampered-free, the real value and worth of education is a good investment in building better lives.