Post date: Mar 24, 2014 12:42:17 AM

By: Maria Patricia B Dizon

In every organization, whether private companies or government agencies, we use supplies. It may be hardware materials for construction companies, fabric cloth and threads for clothing factory, baking ingredients for a bakery and office supplies for the office. In order to produce or to perform one’s duties, supplies should be enough. Because once the supply is out of stock, it will cause delay. Employees or workers become idle or may get upset because their job was bothered. It is also bad for the business especially if it is a for profit organization. It will result to a loss, because the company needs to pay the salaries, utilities and rent of the factory or office for the day but the production standard was not met. In the same way for government agencies like DepED, lack of supplies causes poor performance because finishing the job will not be realized. We may not submit the reports on the given deadline, we may not prepare the payroll on time and we can not offer the best service to our clientele. It is certainly essential for an office to provide sufficient supplies but the employees must also know their responsibility of using the supplies properly. As government employees, we must be aware of the limited resources of the agency. We must learn how to save the available supplies. We must consider that the management is doing its best to make available supplies to attain for the organization’s vision and mission and for us to be more productive. Supplies is one of the basic ingredients for us to be more effective employees aside from our attitude, work place and perspectives.