Student's License

Post date: Aug 19, 2014 1:27:43 AM

by: Ms. Aisee Paguio Cruz

Let me share to you my favorite quotation, "When you become a teacher, you can have the license to be a student forever". I actually admire this line the very first time I heard it. I was still in junior college when I heard this. It’s just now that I came to realize the essence and real meaning of this quote. Honestly, I believed it even before I have proven its certainty.

Now, I am savoring the fruit of my endeavor. I am finally what I wanted to be. I am now a full-fledged educator. I can share my knowledge, impart my ideas and the likes but I am well aware that I am not the only source of knowledge. My brain is not functioning alone inside the classroom. As a matter of fact, my teachers are my students. I learn through listening to them. Consequently, I plan my strategies, methods and techniques in teaching based on what I have observed from the class. Thus, I would like to return the favor. They help me a lot in fulfilling my dream to become a source of knowledge, an instrument and bridge to literacy. Hence, I want to make the best out of what I have in order to offer them the best education they could have.

I remember my instructor way back in college. She said, “If your students are already on page 23, make sure you are 50 pages ahead of them or farther”. She is right, indeed. Although it is known that teachers are still considered to be humans, whenever they commit mistakes it seems like they committed an immortal sin. Most especially when they are asked and they have no answer to give. A teacher is expected “most of the time” or I must say “at all times” to be all-knowing. Big word, right? It is quite heavy to carry. But it only calls for progress. Therefore, one must have personal drive to improve himself. Continuous study may not make us a genius. But I believe that it is one of the ways for us to see beyond the horizon of our students. We should dream to be their tour guide to the world of wisdom. And we can effectively facilitate them only if we geared ourselves to the road they are taking.

At the moment, I must say I am still young who is still fresh with ideas and considered to be idealistic. I am proud to say that I am idealistic at this point in my life. Won’t it be alarming if at an early age I am already pessimistic? So for others who say that I am “this” for I am still young I should thank my age then. I cannot say that I can stay this way until the end of my service but while the fire is burning I want to keep it aflame. I want my age to remind me that I have more time…more time to serve and not more time to be spent waiting for my retirement, that I have plenty of time working and getting tired that I find no time thinking of the dawn of days.

“Thus, heaven heed thy pray, may these insights allow me to carry my student’s license until thy earth blend with thy skin”.