Strides to Make

Post date: Jan 9, 2017 7:06:05 AM

by Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao

City of Balanga National High School

As what Thomas A. Edison said “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”. What you are looking for is not out there it is in you. We are the greatest motivation that teaching profession demands. There is no substitute for a hard work.

I often ponder how we can measure the success of a Teacher? Holding their horses to become the best teacher that they can be for their students and sacrificing tons of things to shape their students to be better, what strides do we have to make? And how far we can go? How imperative it is to know these things in increasing one’s effectivity as a Teacher?

One afternoon I went to my class realizing that most of my students were not yet ready for the lesson due to the other errands that they had, making some noise and not even paying attention. Simply provoking me to end up getting mad. That day I prepared so hard for my lesson only to find out that my effort was just about to get ruined by the majority of my students that were not ready, not attentive, not prepared and just didn’t want to participate in the activities.

Finding motivation in the midst of a cluttered class is one of the struggles in a Teacher’s daily life. What can we do? First, seeing the students as the person that we want them to become not as what they are right now helps us a lot to increase our desire to be an agent of change. In doing so, a swift change of atmosphere can happen. Sudden change of heart from anger will be altered into a patient and persistent heart that is willing to lift these students up. Second, remember why we love teaching. Being candid to our purpose in the first place, why we stay in teaching and keep inspiring people in a very subtle way is necessary. The reason why we teach is vital to increase our motivation, as well as our love for our students. Lastly understanding that we are an agent of change. We can break or change a person for the better. We have the power to change someone as we strive to be that agent of change that we want to be.

It is inevitable to find yourself as a teacher that we get fed up and tired to these students that do not even want to embrace personal growth. We feel that our effort is ineffective not even worthy to fight for but we made an ought that we will do our best to serve the people that we share in the same umbrella.

Is it possible to have a perfect picture of a teacher for our students? Answers may vary but it will depend upon how we see ourselves whenever we are inside our classrooms.

We look for the joys of teaching not just the hardship. We invigorates people to bring out their best and we lengthen our strides every day not because we just want it for ourselves but rather we want to be a blessing to others and grab the opportunity that we get every day to be a blessing.