Smoke-free Tower

Post date: Apr 5, 2018 5:27:26 AM

By: Joelie Paguio Cruz, BNHS T-III

My sister went home one time sharing me her learning in her class. She said, an innovation was discussed to them. For that day, the topic was about a smoke-free tower. She also added that according to its designer, that tower or building will not be affected by any pollution in its area. Hence, it will remain bright in spite of the dark fog, smoke, and dust around it. After hearing that, I can’t help but think that teachers should replicate that tower.

Every day, we face different people. There are some who will lift us up and others who will make us feel down. Nonetheless, we should always be in control. We must be able to manage our emotions. Remain free from those dark and pessimistic thoughts in the system.

In spite of the troubles along way. Despite of the new things we were asked to do. No matter how sudden the shift of practices are. We are a tower that should remain tall and standing beyond various circumstances. Though we hear various reactions around, better find a way to keep our composure.

We must keep our principles, beliefs, and values as we go forward. Instead of being affected by those negative vibes on the sides, be the one to influence instead. Negativity will lead us nowhere. Therefore, be the source of positive energy.

We have to be open-minded of the changes. Contemplate things up: it may make or break us but we’ll never know unless we try.