Post date: May 21, 2016 11:42:39 AM

By : Jaymee Rose S. de Guzman

Nowadays, children, consume most of their time to different activities that compromise the hours of sleep needed at their age. One reason is the use of high technology gadgets. Parents do not pay much attention on the risk of the long exposure that may hamper their health. This activity is passive and immobile.

Another thing that contributes to sleep problems is the food. They eat large amount of sugar or high fats which can alter their sleeping pattern. They tend to be hyper or weak enough to do physical activity so, they resort to sedentary activity like playing computer games until late night. This sleeping deprivation may cause them to be irritable or short tempered. It’s difficult for them to focus on school lessons. Therefore it will lead to poor performance in school.

A serious cause of sleep problems to children may lead to a certain illness like seizure or depression which entails long and costly medical attention.

A child needs at least six to eight hours of sleep for a healthy growth and intellectual development. It also strengthens their immune system to fight certain viral diseases.

It is important for the parents to monitor the sleeping habits of their children. Parents should be firm in imposing discipline in the use of gadgets and in their children’s eating habits.