Post date: Aug 14, 2018 5:08:31 AM


Do you really want to work at DepEd? If you are ready to give more of yourself, then you are very much welcomed in our workplace.

DepEd calls for a strong commitment and dedication in dispensing its service to the clients. Our tasks are not simple and easy. They are often laborious, repetitions and arduous. We serve 24/7 yet, we find so much fulfillment on what we do and we cherish the thought of working with people who love us unconditionally.

Our journey will never be smooth always. It has its bumps and rough days too but it becomes light because of the genuine camaraderie and friendship we get from one another. This is the institution that easily erases mistakes. It doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. We do promote a culture of service because it is the essence of our existence.

Service is the hallmark of DepEd so, it is expected that we work with utmost confidentiality with any transaction made in our window and we fix problems right away to make our service becomes better, our students, parents and teachers, whom we care so much and look over all things must feel our presence when they need us. We use our heart and mind when we deal with them. We never get tired of working for them. The pile of papers may be high everyday but our heart is full of love in serving our stakeholders.

Working in DepEd requires integrity, high professionalism and team work. If you are ready for this then, you are welcomed to fill up the vacant position in our institution.