Servant’s Duties

Post date: Feb 26, 2015 1:13:52 AM

By: Flordeliza B. Castor

Filipino Teacher - Bataan National High School

“The duty of a teacher is to teach, he travels with his wisdom within, hopeful to impart it to mankind.”

Teaching someone is one of the greatest acts of optimism. As Henry Brooks Adams said, “Teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

Years ago, one of my students gave me bread which she brought especially just for me. She had a hard time searching for me that when she finally found me, she smiled widely. Moreover, she told me stories and shared that she was having trouble making decisions. She asked for an advice. She believed that I was the person who can give her the advice she needed that time. Her problem was about the course she would take up. Consequently, I felt delighted and proud finding out that she took up education because of me.

Indeed, we are here to teach, yet there are more in store for us than what our eyes can see. When can we say that we are good in our craft? Does it only deal with our competence in specific techniques, styles, methods, plans and actions in delivering class lessons?

Relatively, “A good teacher is God’s gift to children” as the Japanese saying goes. Thus, teachers radiate truth, goodness and love. In spite of the difficulties of playing the role of a mother to them (students) at all times, she serves with her heart and devotion for the sake of her students.

Teacher has the ability to accept all her students, regardless of ethnicities, mental capabilities and financial stability. She can understand them as an individual and see goodness in them.

Therefore, I can’t help but ask myself, how many teachers touch lives?, how many among us sewed buttons on the shirt of our students?, how many students have been inspired by their teachers in order to develop their talents?, how many teachers have comforted their students in their tough times?, Do we bother to ask about their whereabouts and their future plans and ambitions?

These questions are not for us to answer because our crops will boldly give the answers right after they bloomed from our endless care and love.

I know, there is only one perfect example of a good servant and that is Jesus Christ- the Master Teacher. We are actually following his footsteps. As we get into the prints He left for us to follow, let us carry along with us our students in order for their lives not to be put astray.

Definitely, teaching is a very difficult task and only good servants can attend to the call of duties. Hence, the question is, “Are we good servant or not?” No need to think for the response. Pass the question to our students for they know very well the answer.