Senior High School, a Defying Commitment

Post date: Aug 12, 2016 1:23:47 AM

By: Jane T. Gregorio


“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE.” -Dr. Andres Matawaran

I am now forty but I feel unfulfilled. I feel I can do more… I know I can achieve more... With this, I decided to transfer from a private to public school. I will be hypocrite if I will not admit that one of my reasons for transferring school is the higher salary. Hence, the more complex reason is the longing of my senses.

For many years, I longed to work in a public school. In fact, when I was still in Subic, Zambales, I even work under the Local School Board thinking that eventually, that will be my advantage to be a part of the government teaching force. Life takes its course. This goes for the saying, “Everything has its own time”. I never stop… I feel I can do more… I know I can achieve more…

I heard once from our principal, Mr. Armando C. Capili, “Chance favors prepared mind.” I was so happy hearing that. It is exactly the credence that I have been creating in my thoughts for the last years. Everything is now coming into realization, and eventually, to reality. Higher education is one of the ways I know would equip me. Arming myself with education is the best thing I believe would uplift my status as a person, as a professional. I instill in my mind that success always comes when preparation meets opportunities.

Senior High School, one of the most controversial strides of the Department of Education, beyond adverse, the government tails the program. For some who do not fully understand, it is a waste of money and a waste of time, but for people who have bigger understanding about it, it is a good fortune. I can say, if not part of my destiny, Senior High School is a blessing to me. It is the fulfillment of my desire to be a government employee.

A big dream fulfilled to a man is like a child given with a favorite toy that helonged to have. I feel rewarded. With the many struggles I had concerning my profession, I can now say I am rewarded. On my first week, it was a complete shock. It was a total opposite of my environment last school year. But every time I feel distracted on how things should be, I always remind myself… THIS IS THE FULFILLMENT OF MY DREAM.

Senior High School has confronted a lot of controversies. With the scarcity of resources in manpower, in learning materials, in facilities, I can say that we, the teachers are at stake. We are the primary concern that should initiate remedies and all. We are also the ones who should pacify the audacity of the situation. Chief Education Specialist Mr. Ramon Perez pleaded in one of our seminars, “You have to understand the smell of the sheep.” We teachers are the first one who should accept the situation, because what we may believe in may be imbibed by our students. We should not demean our own selves by our own words, because what we say definitely reflects who we are.

It is an obvious scenario to all Senior High School in the Philippines to be that uneasy by all means. I believe that no public school piloting senior high would dare to say that they are okay. I can say with the many news I have watched on the televisions and have read from the newspapers, we are luckier. Aside from supportive heads,we are blessed with accommodating administration in Bataan National High School. So the big deal that challenges our every single day is nonetheless felt as UNAVOIDABLE but DEFYING.

“We can have all well, not immediately but we are near to it.”, the thoughts of Mrs. Marlyn Gerio, English Education Program Supervisor, that actuates me to be stronger whenever I feel the day is long for me. Our commitment to youth should be consistent because in any way, as one of the components of government teaching force, we are and should always be a part of the reform of the Department of Education.

The Walk-through seminars provided by the division, though not complete had equipped us. The supportive administration had fully motivated and redirected us. In this manner, I presume, with the undying passion that lies inside us, and our ultimate dream to be a part of the nation building are the ultimate reasons that encourage us to be engaged. I am forty, but though I am, I know I can do more…I know I can achieve more...and whatsoever tough luck I may encounter with this endeavor, may the Lord our God strengthen me to pursue this DEFYING COMMITMENT.