Post date: Jan 26, 2015 3:21:59 AM




City of Balanga, Bataan

The internet is an effective learning tool if used properly and in moderation. The worldwide web is a vast world where people express their thoughts, but not all people use it in the right way.

At their young age, children are already exposed to wrong doings adults do. Through this they are influenced already and their minds mature in a different way. When you say internet, surfing for an assignment is not the only word to describe it. Online games, social networking sites and especially pornography hypnotize innocent minds and slowly pull them away from the right path.

Today, social networking sites help people to connect with each other anytime, anywhere. The traditional friendship is exhibited nowadays in front of electronic gadgets and not by going out or playing together.

There are times teachers give assignment to their students which needs to be searched thru internet. Sometimes, unavoidable pop-ups flash advertisements of pornographic sites and the child might not resist not clicking it, thus leading them to viewing a crate of tons of sensual multimedia items which could deteriorate their innocent minds.

Another thing is pornography which is somehow related to social networking sites today. In fact, the video scandals of some celebrities spread on facebook. That’s why a netizen reacted, “is facebook a pornsite already?”

A teacher can help in regulating internet use by requiring students to use books and give reference as a proof. Online games are also one good example of their distractions and we should somehow discourage them.

At the end of the day, the power to control the internet access of children especially kids is still in the parents. How is this possible? Parents could actually manipulate their personal computers to restrict users from opening malicious sites. Somehow you could do the other way, set curfew or specific time of usage in computers. Lastly, you can position your pc in a place where everyone could see what they are doing.

Through guidance and proper monitoring of both teachers and parents, internet could be an effective learning tool for children.