Post date: Nov 17, 2011 2:32:57 AM

Division of Balanga City attended Regional Seminar Workshop on Campus Journalism and School paper Management for Elementary School Paper Advisers in English and Filipino with the theme “Promoting Digital Literacy Through Campus Journalism,” held last October 24-26 at Regional Educational Learning Center (RELC), Pulungbulu, Angeles City. Participants to this seminar are school paper advisers from different schools of this division namely: Angelica Ambrosio (Cupang ES), Lilibeth Franco (MRMES), Catherine Gloria (Cataning ES), EdelynManalaysay (Tenejero ES), Cherry Anne Miguel (OLLES), Melanie Pincil (G.L. David MES), Ria Subisol (Bo. Central ES), and Annaliza S. Dispo (BES).

The seminar-workshop serves as a venue for school paper advisers to demonstrate understanding of the importance of campus journalism by expressing it through different journalistic endeavors and approaches, demonstrate commitment to support school paper advisers in the field of journalism by advocating and integrating them in school/community related activities and enhance journalistic competence in the individual and group competitions, scriptwriting and radio broadcasting contest as well as on-line writing and desktop publishing.The seminar workshop was spearheaded by Dr. Jesus A. Zerrudo, EPS II English and Dr. Felisa R. Lambus, EPS II Filipino.

A new category-on-line writing and desktop publishing was added and this was discussed by Mr. Glen Agustin. Editorial writing was tackled by Ms. Socorro Vantomme, Copyreading and Headline Writing by Ms. Liwayway Mercado, Newswriting by Ms. Rachel Rañosa, Feature Writing by Mr. Rupert Laxamana, Photo Journalism by Mr. Daryll John Gonzales, Radio Broadcasting and Scriptwriting by Mr. Alan Allanigue, Editorial Cartooning by Mr. Rene Aranda and Sportswriting by Mr. ManoloPedralvez.