Post date: Mar 24, 2014 12:30:35 AM

By: Cheryl M. Tallorin

Bo. Derick once said “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”. Some of the best times of the week that you may look forward to are the weekends. That is because these are the days when you go to the farmers’ markets, boutiques, and other establishments to shop for items. Every person loves shopping. It is because of the satisfaction that you can get by means of acquiring all the things that you need and want. From the very basic needs like groceries, personal things like clothing and shoes up to the luxurious cell phones and trending electronic gadgets that we want. There is always the joy and excitement of going to the malls, to choose what is best that fits to one’s taste and style.

Shopping is actually good for our health. It can relieve stress and makes us more relaxed. Some people took the economical ones thinking that they have saved their earnings for the lower prices, but others prefer the costly products or services knowing that these commodities have a better quality. Also, choosing high priced products and services symbolizes their social status in the society. There are also two kinds of person in terms of spending. First is the person who is satisfied to buy for his basic needs only but the other one aims for other things that he does not really need. The latter one referring to the wants, which is something that you would like to have. The needs and the wants of every person should be taken for consideration based on the earning that one has. Each one of us can buy everything that we need and want. As a responsible person, we should weigh in their impacts on our limits. If a person who earns lower income, and choose to have the things with higher prices, he/she may suffer from deficit which may result to debts and problems. Just be contented on what we have. Once we acquire our desires, we eventually ought to other things with higher level. We need to learn on how to budget properly and spend wisely. We must determine what is more important and necessary before we purchase or pay. We should know how to save and manage money. And the most important thing is to think about the future.

In the same way, similar concept of budgeting and spending can be applied to an organization. Being a disbursing officer of DepED Division of Balanga City is not an easy task. I realized that expending government funds is not a simple one-step process. Together with my colleagues in procurement and finance department, we aim to disburse funds in accordance with the agency and COA rules and regulations. We need to confirm first whether it is rational and if there is a legal basis and dire need to purchase the goods and services. We must always bear in mind and heart that government fund is not ours and it is intended to give quality service to the people. That is why, it is really vital to empathize how to spend on good qualities and to budget properly.