Post date: Oct 8, 2012 2:18:34 AM

by: Belinda M. Dizon

As years go by, there was a continuous growth on the number of enrollment. At present, DepEd’s problems concern on schools numerous needs for classrooms, teachers and facilities. In effect to the growing enrollment of pupils, classroom shortage arose. The situation of the learners and their impediments going to school called my attention. Recognizing how important education is to the community where my school stands led me to share my experiences. Despite from what I saw and the situation that I have experienced I truly believed that I was destined to be part of the school. As a teacher of grade I, I have great responsibility in molding the young minds of my 50 pupils. Not because it was my profession nor job but because of dedication and commitment not to deprive my pupils from learning.

Our school is located near the riverbank. When it is high tide, the means of transportation are banca and some improvised rafts made of styrofoam, bamboo and frequently the pupils are carried on the shoulders of their parents. Majority of my pupils live in the vicinity of mangrove trees. Fishing is the source of income here. Even though most of my students are indigents, still they manage to go to school. Many times, they go to school with empty stomachs. They neither have prepared snacks nor money to buy snacks so I resorted to share whatever I have. Moreover, during rainy days pupils come to my classroom soaked with rainwater because they don’t have umbrellas or raincoats at all. This scenario brings great depression in my heart. In some instances when the streets are heavily flooded, pupils could just come to school when a banca or a raft passes their homes. Floodwater remains in the school premises for hours that cause skin diseases like athlete’s foot.

At that time, I was heavy-hearted considering when they were inside the classroom, crowded, seeking comfort for study. Yet I’m inspired considering what they’ve gone through to learn. I’m more inspirited to struggle hard even to an endless crossing to a flooded street and how many times I fell into it. I’m still standing to be in front of the class teaching even surpassed the time of hours I spent working. That schooldays be worthwhile and to provide them with knowledge necessary to succeed. That a positive vision on education is a strong foundation of excellence to young generation. Regardless of the situation of school and learners, as teacher, we have to continue enlightening them the importance of education, no matter how hard and misfortune strike them, we will remain in our post teaching and guiding them. As teachers we are responsible for shaping their future.

That there is hope in every dream, that even the source of failing education is poverty, it will not affect my intuition to achieve the goals of excellence to this learners. That there are always doors for hope to attain good education. One of it instigate us to fulfill those to happen, if private sectors, the NGO’s and the LGU will be united to lend their ears and hand to push through and accomplish the necessity. Hence, good foundation of education starts at an early age that in the near future they can contribute in building a great nation.