Positive Discipline to a Child’s Development

Post date: Apr 21, 2017 5:22:35 AM

Rhyann Carlos D. Balan

Teacher 1

Teachers play an important role in helping children become caring, capable and resilient adults. For this to happen, it is crucial that we as teacher consider what kind of people we want our students to become, and to interact with them in school implementing and teaching the values and skills that they will need to become compassionate and competent citizens of our country.

The first important thing that we can do is to create a warm friendly environment and classroom situation that ensure our students to be physically, mentally and emotionally safe. It considers that we recognize and respect their difference and developmental level, become sensitive to their academic and social needs, and empathize with their feelings and emotions and even the real-life situations that they have.

A child is a special creation of God. They want to stay and live in a warm, safe and loving environment wherein they learn best and participate actively. We always assure that “No Child Left Behind” in any classroom situation. Let them feel your love and care through listening and understanding their little voices that are full of hopes and dreams.

There is no perfect classroom situation, and there is always a possibility of conflict between students and teachers. But through the implementation of Positive Discipline Model, we can use the conflict as a great opportunity to teach and deal with our students especially to ourselves on how to manage emotions and resolve conflict without any harmful abuse. Let’s make the world safe for children.

Instead of shouting, getting angry, blaming others and making ourselves stressed by the negative situations in our class, why don’t we use our dreams, goals and passion in teaching as a motivation to continue living in a profession that is full of challenges and chances to change one’s life for the better?

I know that it is a hard job. But always consider your dreams and sacrifices many years from now. The times that you are aiming to become a public school servant, having a high enough salary, and looking for a permanent position,

Spider man said that “Great Power comes with Great Responsibility”. Yes, we have a great responsibility to the next generation because the great power is a God-given gift to us.