Pollution is the Major Environmental Problem in the Philippines

Post date: Oct 5, 2017 5:17:38 AM

By: Princess Diane G. Supan

Now a days Global Warming has become one of the biggest problems worldwide, due to the Ozone layer depletion caused by the rising of the greenhouse gases in the Atmosphere brought about by the pollution. It is always in the News anywhere around the world, in the Television, Radio or in the Newspaper. Calamities have always been a part of the news. In the Philippines, Pollution is the major environmental problem, We, Filipinos are already feeling this effect. This environmental problem has brought disasters, it is a sudden change of weather condition which made a simple low pressure typhoon on the air become a super typhoon. Sad to say in reality, we, people are the main caused of Pollution, due to our carelessness or lack of discipline. The improper waste disposal of some companies and establishments and even the residents in our communities, they are throwing their waste anywhere, Garbage thrown in the Sea and Rivers not only creates hazardous problem in our health but also it may be the cause of flood that may block or clog our waterways. At present our Government still facing some difficulties in finding a solution for enough dumpsites or Landfills, therefore, still a failure action on their part through Garbage Management Council to solve this problem. This will need a serious attention for all of us and likewise, we are all responsible for finding a solution for this problem before it is too late, considering at the past, there are different calamities already happened which killed several lives. Let us just start on simple acts, like cleaning our surroundings, recycling our unnecessary materials, planting trees and instil discipline among ourselves are ultimately good example and initial contribution to show our concern, encourage the communities through the effort of the lead Agency the DENR and their partners in every Municipality down to the Barangays for the strict implementation of RA 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management. Of course, there is a need to educate every people particularly the residents of the low lying areas and those on riverside to actively participate and follow the proper Waste Disposal Management System, in order to rebuild our Nation and to SAVE our Mother Earth.