Philosophical Realization

Post date: Jul 4, 2018 2:38:08 AM

By: Roylan T. dela Cruz

HT I- City of Balanga National High School

A disappointing fact that made me become a better person. I wasn’t the choice, but I insisted to belong. “The teacher told his student to just simply accept the fact that he will not graduate with honors, instead, share it with his other classmate who had the capability to continue schooling. He further told the boy that because of their poverty, he cannot continue his schooling. The poor boy cried a lot with this statement coming from his own teacher. He told himself that no matter what happened, he will pursue his education, that financial and physical handicapped will not be a hindrance to success. Years had passed, the poor boy became a successful teacher later became a Head Teacher.” The story that made you cry is just part of my own biography.

As I travel along with my life’s journey, I realize that this experience mold the way of who I am today. It serves as my backbone and wings to soar high, aiming for my dreams to make it possible. This challenge me to prove my worth. I have no regret nor anger that it happened to me, because this experience made me stronger as a person.

I realize thru readings and discussions in Philosophy of Man that Martin Heidegger is correct in telling that man is the curator of his own destiny. He is correct with his idea that the only permanent destiny of man is that he is born and sure to die sooner. What will happen with these events are our own doing. It is our responsibility to act proving our existence in this life on earth. Just like what I did to prove them wrong saying that I cannot continue schooling. We are the one shaping our future of whom we can become.

With my life’s experience, I agree to the idea of Victor E. Frankl about human existence. Everything happened for a reason. We always have to look at the brighter side of the story. One thing for sure, things happened because God has His purpose, no matter how difficult the problem we have. All obstruction in this life’s journey has its own solution.

Everyone is created good, but because of internal and external influence, we made a wrong choice. Man in his final destination will always choose the good one whether he is Theist or Atheist.

Furthermore, I also realize that we have to prove something to find the meaning of our existence. At the end of the day, we must do something for the good of everyone. Even a simple good deeds will mean a lot for the betterment of human civilization. Changes we are crying for must come from within. Influencing others even in the smallest way is one way of proving our existence in this lifetime. Things might be forgotten once we depart on earth but at least we prove our existence once in this earth. Our life’s journey is toxic but fulfilling and it makes us happy.