Personnel Selection Process and Practices

Post date: Mar 25, 2014 2:27:27 AM

by: Joylen DG. Mendoza

The recruitment and hiring of employee is a basic responsibility of any office in the government and private offices to hire the most qualified applicant. This is spearheaded by the human resource office. This activity is governed by set of rules done by a group of personnel in the agency who are composed of the chairman, vice chair in some cases, the representative of the organization where the ranking purpose is to be effected.

In the case of the Department of Education of Balanga City an announcement for the vacant position is posted for the open ranking. This includes the qualifications for the position the basic requirements, educational qualifications and other pertinent papers that would satisfy the committee that you are the most best qualified for the position.

The committee meets to design what process will prevail and how to address the different situations that may arise to ensure that the process is anchored on the Dep.Ed Order to be used in the different category to be ranked. It is a crucial process on the evaluation of the papers being presented and how candidate will earn the merit points he/she deserves.

It is a must during the process that the chairman presents his opening statements before the candidates so that they will be reminded of how the whole selection process would be. All queries will be addressed before the ranking is started. All candidates are treated equally and assured of fair evaluation of every document submitted. At the end of the ranking and evaluation process each candidate is given time if he/she has any query, complaint on the whole process and the result of the ranking so that if any doubts, feeling of insecurity in the process can be threshed out immediately without resulting to conflicts. This is the feedback mechanism instituted to resolve an unhealthy competition.

It is hoped that candidates in every ranking procedure in our department are the most qualified and bears a great dignity for the position for it will assure better service and quality leadership in the performance of duties. It is important that the committee gains the trust and confidence of the candidates so that a smooth ranking process will prevail.

As member of the staff in the Personnel Unit of DepEd Balanga City Division, and one who assists during the conduct of ranking process, I believe that the same process of ranking and evaluation of all the candidates is fair and just and it is strongly observed in this institution.