Post date: Apr 25, 2018 2:52:49 AM

By: Maileen G. Ocampo, BNHS

Riting never comes easy. For more than 15 years of teaching English, giving writing assignments to my students often lead to failure. The thought of writing compositions fills the students with apprehension. Few demonstrated positive behavior in writing and most of them have very little interest that they would rather get away with it than get things done.

There are several reasons why most students hate writing. First is their inability to organize their thoughts because they have a limited range of vocabulary. Their performance in their English classes in elementary could also be a factor why their writing skill had not been developed. Second, they are unsure of topics to write about. Often, teachers would let them think of their own topic where they can freely express their thoughts and feelings. However, they sometimes could no longer sustain the ideas that they have started to write about. Another factor why students dislike writing is because the teacher fails to explain different writing styles. This ignites boredom that may cause delay to comply with the writing activity. Students also lack self-confidence in their writing abilities, thinking that they might commit errors in grammar. Timing and preparation should also be considered so that they will have the opportunity to set their mood and eventually have a great time in writing compositions.

While it is true that writing is a talent, it is a skill that can also be developed. It may not happen over time, but with constant practice along with a positive attitude, one can acquire such competence in writing.

Therefore, it is equally important that the teacher guides the students throughout the writing process, gives feedbacks to help them more equip in writing and gain confidence that they can compose effectively and explore endless possibilities in the world of words.