Post date: Mar 24, 2014 1:43:19 AM

(by: Victor G. Simpao)

What determines whether a son turns out to be wise or foolish? What are the factors that determine whether he becomes a John or Judas? (referring to Biblical characters)

Parental training is certainly one important consideration. This includes a thorough grounding in the moral values of life.

It includes a home that is fortified by prayer, love and discipline. Parents should give the child with the security of knowing he is loved. Discipline must be administered as an act of love and not of temper.

It means that the parents must provide a living example of what they profess. Hypocrisy in the home has proven a stumbling block to many children of good parents.

But then the child’s will is also involved. When he leaves home, he is free to make his own decisions. Often children brought up in the same home under the same conditions turn out differently. So parents must be watchful with their children.

Wise parents do not pressure their children into making decisions on anything. Instead talk together the pros and cons that will affect their own lives, leading to the right decisions.

Be friendly, play, work and discuss with them, but with authority. By continuing earnestly in prayer and by keeping channels of communication open many have lived to see their prodigal son return.