Paradise for the Innocent

Post date: Apr 21, 2017 1:37:45 AM

Norberto A. Villafuerte

Teacher 1

School is supposed to be a secure paradise for the youth. They should never fear walking the halls or playing on the playground because someone is heck on making their lives miserable. Even still, when kids go home, they should be able to leave the drama of the school day behind.

Bullying is a typical pattern of intentionally harming and humiliating others. Bullies are made, not born, and it happens at an early age. Mostly they come from dysfunctional families. A large number of bullies come from homes where there is a little affection and openness. They may often witness their parents being aggressive toward the members of the family. Second, bullies do not care how others feel. Some children either lack empathy or just want seeing others in pain. When they hurt someone, they have no sense of what the other people are feeling. Third, bullies cannot regulate their emotions. When kids do not have the ability to control their emotions, small irritations can discompose them and cause them to over react.

The experience of being bullied can end up causing lasting damage to victim. There are two ugly outcomes that stem from learning to view themselves as a less than desirable, incapable individual. The first ugly outcome is that it becomes more likely that the child will become easily depressed, angry, or bitter. Being bullied teaches the child that he is undesirable, that he is not safe in the world. and that he is powerless to defend himself. For these reasons, he will find himself helpless which in turn sets him up for hopelessness and depression. The second ugly outcome is that the child will form a wounded self-concept. Having this ugly outcome makes it harder for the child to believe in himself, and when he has difficulty believing in himself, he will tend to have a harder time persevering through hard situations and challenging circumstances.

Bullying is truly a serious issue today. However, there are solutions to prevent it. One of the best ways to ensure it is to keep the lines of communication open. Parents must be open in communicating with their children, talking about the negative effects of bullying and teaching what they should do if they are bullied or they see someone who is bullied by other people. Second, it is important to make sure children understand how their actions can affect others. Third, it is crucial to make sure that everyone is aware of the extent of the problem and the effect it can have on children so that everybody will be encouraged to take the right steps to reduce the amount of bullying that occurs.

Let the children learn in a peaceful heaven where there is a high spirit within their hearts to build their dreams with the help of the people around them. Let us all desire to see their innocent yet confident smiles all the time.