Ostrich Egg

Post date: Mar 29, 2017 9:05:09 AM

By: Joelie Paguio Cruz, BNHS T-III

What is an ostrich egg? According to what I read, it is now the largest bird’s egg, but in proportion to the bird’s size and weight, it is the smallest. What is its relevance to me as a teacher? Actually, after reading this, I realized that ostrich eggs are similar to students. They may act high and mighty or may be big in the outside but they are still children who need attention, care, guidance, support, and love.

Relatively, we cannot develop the potentials, abilities, and skills of the students in just one sitting which is same to making hard-boiled ostrich egg, you need to wait for one and a half to two hours to make a perfect one. A very long time, I must say. Still, the fact remains that despite the time span needed, it would still be developed. We only need to be patient. We should not rush things up. Patience is a virtue.

Finally, ostrich eggs may be hard and big in the outside but deep inside they are soft. They also have bright ideas from within. They only need to be encouraged and inspired to bring it out in the open.

Thus, we, teachers only need to be patient to see the products of our endeavors come into the picture.