Operation Bawas Papel in DepEd Balanga City Division

Post date: Mar 12, 2014 6:52:05 AM

By: Jose D. Dasig Jr.

The Operation Bawas Papel Project was introduced in DepEd Balanga City Division. It has been implemented in the Accounting Department for almost two years now. The main purpose of the said project was to reduce paper-based records system of the office.

The accounting department is known to have one of the most challenging job because of its work nature. Record is very vital to them. The accounting rules and procedures cannot be implemented without legal bases and pertinent records. To approve one particular voucher, it requires complete supporting paper attachments or documents. And those approved documents will now be the official record of the office so it must be filed and kept properly for the purpose of work operation and office administration.

The usual practice of the accounting department with their recordkeeping was to compile in folder all the paper-based records made every month, submit the original records to the Commission on Audit (COA) and the duplicate records will remain in the office as the file copy of the division. This work routine has been going on for a decade and the accumulation of records was increasing drastically. As a result, some issues/problems came up dealing with their bulk of records that eventually affected their working environment and condition. One of the major problems was the physical storage of their records. The protection and maintenance of their files was also poor. And for this reason, the Operation Bawas Papel project was proposed and implemented in the Accounting Department. The said project was realized in order to improve the old system. The concept of adapting and utilizing electronic filing/recording system was applied. And after a year of transition, the accounting unit was able to overcome all the shortcomings and solved the issues of a manual paper-based recordkeeping approach such as storing, retrieving, maintaining, and protecting their files/records. The main objective of reducing the use of paper was 85% successful and the implementation of the project was a 100% success. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

As the proponent of this project, I consider this as one of the great endeavors I made in the Balanga City Division Office. With the proper use of our modern technology, this innovation indeed gave a positive effect in the system of recordkeeping in the Accounting Department. Furthermore, this also gave great impact in delivering quality service in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of the personnel and institution to the people of Balanga City towards the “VISION OF EXCELLENCE”.