Novel TEACHERS: In dealing with dilemmas

Post date: Mar 28, 2014 1:06:48 AM

By: Mrs. Leticia E. Eugenio

Balanga Elementary School

“Our utmost commitment and passion must not be ruined by a simple mistake committed unintentionally. “

The persistent desire of our society to attain quality education is fuelled by great teachers. Due to that, there are numerous individuals who want to contribute to such aspiration. Newbie teachers emerge from different parts of the country. They are propelled by their desire to teach to the fullest.

As neophyte teachers enter the threshold of real teaching environment, they become more susceptible to mistakes. In that case, longstanding teachers are expected to guide them accordingly. Eventually, those errors will be corrected if the beginners will have an open-mind and quick thinking.

In that case, new-fangled pedagogues, like pupils must be moulded properly and should not be blamed to the utmost for making faults knowing the fact that it was not done on purpose. Condemning them will leave a mark that can cause traumatic first-hand experiences. Teaching for them will appear as an ordeal for they are afraid to create another flaw.

The very point and bottom line of this argument is the apt way of guiding our new teachers. Yes, criticisms are indispensible; corrections are inevitable. Nonetheless, criticisms must be done constructively not destructively. Bring out the best out of their defects. Flourish the young minds of those individuals. In chiselling them appropriately, they can establish a better nation. They can make a remarkable difference.