Post date: Aug 1, 2018 8:55:21 AM


Teacher III

Bataan National High School

The act of vandalism can be traced way back in the later part of the 18th century when the word vandal was coined for it. On legal term, it is a prohibited act which is punishable by law.

In the dictionary, vandalism is defined as a willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property. To vandals, it is a statement which elicits rebellious expression of oneself.

One can see them anywhere with the likes of abandoned structures, buildings, posts, fences, and inside the comfort rooms. The usual surfaces which are supposed to be neat and tact are being defaced with writings, codes, symbols that express something that only the vandal can imagine. Plainly, such work can be considered as a total mess. Others may be extraordinary but just the same, they lack the sense to be fully appreciated other than a nuisance.

Even inside of educational schools, signs of vandalism can be anywhere. Take for example a desk; where a student spends most of the time sitting on for daily class lessons. A desk that is supposed to be an ally in one’s study and at the same time a friendly companion in learning is not exempted from vandal minds. The teachers’ tables too are often written on with malice. The blackboards which are installed to represent the centerpiece of the day’s lesson also fall prey to vandalism. Instead of chalk writings, there will be permanent markings of black and different colors that will obstruct the attention of students from gaining scholastic knowledge.

It quite a different thing when it comes to mural painting which in itself is considered as an art. The great difference between a mural and vandalistic writing is that, mural are commissioned work by a government or a business. Meaning they are given legal authorization and permit by the one sponsoring them. The other is, a mural is relatively a tool not only to draw public attention but public consciousness.

The visual effects and colors can be painted on walls, ceilings, windows, and even doors of structures to deliver a purpose message. It may be about faith, culture, music, nature, social issues and the vast sphere that can bring out social awareness and consciousness.

As an art form, murals are also considered as fresco paintings when the technique is used. The art is of something to be appreciated, the blend of colors that makes up for the mural theme can add life and zest to daily life. They also serve as are reminders that there is a better alternative for the youth to get into aside from vandalistic acts to art work which is the mural painting.

A thing of beauty lies from within. Take a brush and create some shades and colors, express oneself the legal way, paint the murals.