Mother Matters

Post date: Jun 13, 2017 4:59:37 AM

By Lily M. Sanchez

Teacher 1

City of Balanga National High School

Mother can be the greatest title for any woman. She is the one who sees the first smile on the lips of a child and makes it a permanent one with her teaching. It is the mother who impresses a kid the most. Her heart is always with her children and nothing else in this world.

Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge that teachers have given to their students, with a vision that someday, in some way, their hard work again will be passed on. It is where teacher presents the past, discovers the present, and creates a future that will enhance the creative and cognitive development of each student through the progression of our community. This community starts from the classroom. Indeed, teaching and education are the breeders of tomorrow.

Teachers are good examples of loving and responsible mother and to all the exceptional women that every child deserves. They walk with the universe on their shoulders and impart the spirit of a hero!

Despite endless obligations at work, our superwomen used to take equal care of their family. Their love for teaching and dream of creating a bright and sustainable future for their loved ones give them a thousand reasons to receive a never-ending love that is more than they deserve.

According to Albert Einstein, it is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Teachers are engaged in a responsibility of making and raising the future of the world. Students have all the unlimited possibilities and their teachers' task is to encourage, mentor, influence and guide them to start a journey somewhere, something incredible that is waiting to be known. They don't need a cape to become a superhero, for they are already lifted up by the amazing and inspiring kids who owed all of their success to them.

Mothers remember though children forget. Time and ages may have rolled and passed, but still they live for their students. They live for their family. Her heart is always with her children and nothing else in this world. And in life, it's all that matters.

-This is purely based from my personal experience as a mother.