Millennials and Getting To Know Them

Post date: Aug 29, 2017 8:34:33 AM

By: Michelle Marie L. Silva

We are now in the millennial era. We are growing up with technology at our fingertips. We talk on the phone while updating our Facebook status. So how do we exactly know and understand Millennials who are now becoming a huge part in the society?

I have listed some characters I have noticed from my co-millennials:

· Intelligent – they are practically the most educated generation in History. Learning is easier because of the advancing technology right in the palm of their hands.

· Tech Savvy – Millennials clearly adapt to faster computer and internet services because they are always available. Things that they mostly do are tech-related because it makes their lives much easier.

· Adventurous – We want to see the world; experience different cultures, try new foods and make memories that will last a lifetime.

· Confident – sometimes misunderstood as being “arrogant” or “cocky”, but there is nothing wrong with being confident with your goals and achieve them.

· Independent – They say we rely mostly on our parents’ money but we also know how to take care of ourselves and did not really need constant guidance.

· Open-Minded – we are willing to expand our understanding and perspective of the world.

· Liberal – we are slowly accepting the things out of the status quo, or things outside the norm. One good example is we are more likely to support and accept same-sex marriage.

· Outspoken – we say what we want and do things we think is right and we are very vocal with our ideas and opinions, regardless if they are logically correct or not.

So you see? We are probably the most misunderstood generation the world ever has. We are labelled as lazy, self-indulgent, among other unflattering descriptions. I am not saying the all millennials are the same, some of the traits above may not be true to all but I believe we should also be aware that we also have positive qualities too.