Post date: Oct 8, 2012 7:34:52 AM

by: Belinda M. Dizon, Teacher III of Puerto Rivas Elementary School

In these modern days, it takes great courage and provocation to motivate ourselves to be an effective teacher for this generation. Based from what I have experienced from my years of teaching, we should learn on how to deal with the changes on the attitude and the environment of our pupils. These are the tips or ways that I have tried in teaching. Hoping that it will help you to give your heart and do our best for our learners.

1. Put God first at the center of your work. In every activities or teaching that we do, always find time to thanked and ask God’s guidance to make our pupils heart and mind understand what we teach.

2. Learn to follow before you resist or make comments on what The DepEd orders stated. No work can be accomplished if at the beginning we don’t try to find out what are the implications of these in education, after all DepEd will not imply those orders that was not been keenly tested.

3. Imposed discipline and good exemplar to the pupils. We can’t make our pupils became good follower if we ourselves don’t do what we try to implicate.

4. Put yourself on the shoe of your learners. That in every judgment or decision you will make you will ask why or what happened?

4. Treat your pupils equally with no bias. Learners and their parents will not feel that they were deprived from their rights to excel socially and academically.

5. Keep in mind that in every pupil learned and became reader will add points on good deeds to God’s presence. This persuades you to be more patient and give time to those who are slow learners.

6. Improved and grow professionally. Give time to learn and improve ourselves emotionally and mentally especially the techniques and strategies of teaching in modern days.

7. Don’t be materialistic. Don’t expect recognition or high wages on every work you’ve accomplished so that you won’t be tempted to just wait for the monthly salary and be passive.

8. Never compare yourself to others. Each of us is unique and has its own talent. Envy is no good on us hence it will hinder our progress.

9. Dedication and love for our profession. There is no doubt that when you have this attitude towards our work, you won’t feel any regrets or burden on the part of your teaching.