Post date: Feb 26, 2015 1:09:55 AM

By: Flordeliza B. Castor

Filipino Teacher - Bataan National High School

“Human existence in this world is extremely brief. It’s like a flower which blossoms for a while, like a shadow which disappears when the sun shines”

(Job 14:1, 2)

That idea of Job is in contrast to the life of a teacher because it is different. It is filled with excitement and difficulties with a mix of magic. In our everyday lives as teachers, we experience various tasks and activities that teachers must attend. Do daily lesson plans, execute the planned lessons appropriately, prepare remedial classes for slow learners, record grades and fill out important forms and the likes. Indeed, we live 24 hours a day which is long enough. Nevertheless, how can we use it in a meaningful way as a servant of youth?

We need magic that comes from above in order to do our duties and responsibilities as a “teacher” without neglecting other things. Those made us exceptional from the rest of all professions for we do and face exceptional things. We continue teaching in order to continuously gain students. This is where hard work, investment, time, effort, competence and dedication and many others are necessary. Success is undeniably difficult to attain and definitely elusive. Thus, as a teacher, how can we cope up?

They say, keep dreaming for it’s free. But, one has to work for it, and in God’s time destiny will lead you there. One should plant in order to have something to harvest, like one must harvest to taste the fruit. Therefore, dream gets closer but will never be in one’s palm unless someone reached for it.

In this “field” I have chosen, every time I sow seeds, I can’t help but whisper to the wind, “Have I done enough?” I always remember the reply of my crops saying, “The most valuable lesson you taught us is not from the textbook, but the life you shared”. The flowers they have become are more than enough for one’s passion and dedication to continue living.

Life is like a tale that is told “momentarily”. But since we are known to be the source of change, I want my life to be told not only for a moment but forever.