Life of a Teacher (part II)

Post date: Dec 28, 2017 4:37:55 AM

By Ferdinand D. Rodriguez, TIII

City f Balanga National High School

Attending a region wide seminar can be quite amusing, cumbersome, and shocking at times, for teachers coming from distant location in the region. The following are memoirs of the classic experiences.


I had to wake up at 4:00 AM to make sure I would be at the venue in time. Thinking about my son and wife who would be left on their own – cooking breakfast, getting ready for school and work, feeding the dogs and watering the plants and once again preparing the meal for the night – I failed to make ready the clothes I had to bring at the seminar. In a cram, I managed to shower, pack my bags and ride the first bus to Angeles City. It was an unusually strange morning (I could feel without an available explanation). For some reasons, strangers’ eyes are uncomfortably gazing at me.

“Paranoia”, I told myself.

Being “Praning” is a consequence of traveling to unfamiliar borders. Besides, I could still recall the late night news, showcasing several accidents and crimes in the Philippines. I uttered a short prayer, after reaching San Fernando, I took a jeep to take me to the final destination.

It was to my surprise I found the journey a bit more uncomfortable. Eyes are still glaring secretly. Looking away I tried to catch the side mirrors to find a way to relax. There I realized I was wearing my polo shirt the other way around. My blood rushed to my face in shame. Still pretending, heedless, my eyes searched for every sign of a comfort room in every stop the jeep was making. I couldn’t afford to show up in the hostel with my present get-up.


At the hostel, we were billeted together with 19 other teachers. The first night was another uncomfortable situation. First and foremost the air condition was positioned directly at my bed. Sleeping was a battle for us who could say only less. In fairness others found it a privilege (as if they never had an air con at home) switched it to a level comparable to spending a night in Alaska. There was also this poor roommate who was coughing until midnight. That day my blood pressure surged to its lowest because of sleepless night. If only I could get out and help him buy a medicine, but even that was not possible. Here began another amusing story.

All dressed in white shirt and short that roommate finally decided to go down stairs. It turned out that he was apprehensive and afraid to go out for the fear of seeing the infamous white lady that was supposedly hunting the area.

Teacher: (approaching the guard)

Guard: ( running away from the teacher )

Teacher: ( running and trying to catch up )

Guard : ( still running away from the teacher)

Teacehr : Why are you running away? I just wanted you to open the conference room so I can get water.

Guard: Sorry po… I thought you were the ghost hunting this area….


Our final night at the hostel was even more taxing. Everyone had to prepare output- in the forms of daily lesson plans and lesson materials. Inside, all lamps were all brightly lit. Some hang head phones as it would enhance their mood and concentration to endure the night’s burden. Laptops were all opened, books spread on the floor in order to finish and write down ideas that could suddenly turn on.

Teacher1: (sounds of tick taping of keyboard)

Teacher2: (sounds of pages of book being opened)

Teacher 3: (uttering words to confirm accuracy of his idea)

Speaker roommate: (sound of ecstatic male in the movie coming from the cell phone)

All teachers: “Ano ba yan? May nag-aaral po dito”

Speaker roommate: (searching for the headphone he failed to connect in his cell phone)

All teachers: ( Laughing)


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