Let’s Choose to be Brave

Post date: Jul 3, 2017 6:02:08 AM

By Jaytee A. Cristobal, RN

Teaching is an everyday battle we have to face, and depression is something constant to each lives. As an educator it is but normal to face each day with strength and endurance but how can you be able to fight a good fight if you are losing you faith, if you are losing every possible reason to wake up each day and continue. For a person who is in love with adventures and surprises to be boxed in a constant rhythmic routine which hinders you to see more of the world you’ve dreamed to explore is indeed deafening, it is indeed a death of your inner being.

Fighting this demon inside you while trying to help an individual grow and pursue their dreams accordingly is like taming a current in a middle of a hurricane. Harsh yet satisfying. There are things in life we need to set aside to be able to live. Since I define myself as an educator I have signed a lifetime contract to be a warrior of knowledge, to be a prophet of goodwill and to be a cultivator of lives.

Depression is something we cannot escape as vulnerable individuals we tend to be consumed by the things we thought we knew, by the things we wished we could answer and by the things we thought we could do. We were jailed by the fact that our lives should be perfect, somewhat idealistic and once reality of world strikes us with reason and logic we have to face its consequences but is should not stop us from believing that we can make it.

Our paths are written in a very vague manner and we must learn to rise to the occasion. As a teacher lives are depending on us, families are reliant to our skills and the future is ours to shape. We must not let our fears and doubts stop us from the greater responsibility our existence has. We are the foundation of the world we live in and not being able to perform at our best would cause a bigger turmoil.

Life is a matter of choices and we must choose to fight, we must choose to be brave, we must choose to be selfless and we must choose to guide these minds to a better path, better individuals and a better future. It does not matter if our blue skies turn to gray, there’s always a ray of sun that’s bound to light our way and although the roads are rough if believe in our soul purpose nothing can stop us.