Post date: Apr 8, 2018 3:11:30 AM

By: Rany P. Calderon


See. Read. Understand. Repeat.

Hear. Enjoy, Appreciate. Repeat

Memorize. Associate. Connect. Repeat

Observe. Manipulate, Create. Repeat

These are action words taken from a short course handout that was photocopied without the source being properly cited. Credits are obviously attributed to Bloom and his students who improved on his concepts on cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of learning.

The learning process is repeated from the day the child learns to nurse from his or her mother, all the way to maybe writing his or her memoirs at an advanced age. Without learning, humans would not have dominated this earth over other lifeforms. Schools exist as a necessity for civilized nations to teach youngsters prepare for productive adult lives. Nowhere else in the formative years of a child he can be taught a gamut of skills to prepare him or her for life, other than in schools.

The aforementioned steps are in my opinion some of the simpler action words that, like in atoms, form the nuclei of learning processes. Each can be combined with another or with others to crystallize intelligence for a long term and make that intelligence usable whenever required to ensure human survival. Learning can be continuous or in many cases continual. Whatever learning is for, the ways the process can be improved is only limited by our imagination.

Learn. Think. Apply. Survive. Repeat.