Learning Barangay Week: Finest Avenue Towards Enlightenment on the K-12 Senior High School (SHS) Program

Post date: Dec 21, 2015 5:23:20 AM

By: Dr. Flordeliza A. del Rosario – Chief SGOD

Mrs. Leticia E. Eugenio – SEPS-SMME

SDO City of Balanga

Filipinos often reminisce about the era until the 1950s when the Philippine economy was second only to Japan in Asia. In the decades that followed, the Philippines watched itself being overtaken by countries that rebuilt themselves from war, instability and poverty, as our own continued to sink into the quagmire of disunity, destructive politics and corruption. Correlated to the country’s economic decline is the neglect and deterioration of its educational sector. Is it any wonder that today our country has fallen from its former prestige to the bottom of most global rankings of progress and development?

The Department of Education’s K to 12 Program is one concrete response to reverse this steady decline and to move toward its goal of long-term educational reform and sustainable economic growth.

One of the approaching and most anticipated programs of the K-12 program curriculum is the implementation of the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (SHS) both public and private schools. Many vigilant citizens think that our country is not well-equipped with this transition; it is because many people are still “clueless” with this particular transition.

As a preliminary and vital step, the Schools Division of City of Balanga participated in every Learning Barangay Week Program as Advocacy Campaign, spearheaded by Dr. Flordeliza A. del Rosario, Chief of SGOD and Dr. Ronaldo A. Pozon, CESO V, Schools Division Superintendent of the Division of City of Balanga, for a wider dissemination on the essential information of SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (SHS) Program. Strong community linkages have been established in different Barangays of

City of Balanga like Talisay, Malabia, Cupang, Bo. Central, Bagong Silang, Cabog-Cabog, Poblacion, Bagumbayan, San Jose, Cataning, Dona Francisca, Puerto Rivas,Tortugas Sibacan, Tuyo, Dangcol and Tanato.

The said program encompasses the totality of addressing the needs of each barangay such as health matters, waste management routines, awareness about illegal drugs and alcohol, 4P’s and many more. Different symposiums and forays are being held to discuss the said concerns. Of course, one of the highlights of the discussion is the comprehensive talk about SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (SHS).

With an upgraded and better-equipped pool of human resource, industries will be able to find better and more qualified matches in their labour requirements.

For graduates proceeding to tertiary education, the K to 12- Senior High School Program puts them at par with their international counterparts and makes them more competitive in colleges and universities both here and abroad.

Higher education institutions will gain the flexibility to offer more enriched and specialized courses in every degree program since a number of its general education courses would have already been completed in high school. This greatly advances the graduates’ chances of landing 21st-century careers and acquiring self-employment skill sets.

As in any worthwhile investment, returns are reaped only after enough time and effort.

The K to 12 Senior High School (SHS) Program is just the beginning of what we hope to be the answer to the Philippines’ comeback to the global stage, and a sustained path toward progress and development for its people.

If we want to see our country back on the right track, we must dare take that first bold step today.