Korean Wave a Modality of Change on the Perception of Filipino Teens

Post date: Jul 5, 2017 7:29:02 AM

By: Racy V. Troy

K-dramas and Koreanovelas are streaming the internet and are shown in our local networks to be watched by people in different ages. In such a phenomenon where even the songs are bombarded by the K-pop tune and lyrics whereas different teenager jive on this. The popularity of the celebrities that turn the fashion sense of the Filipino adolescent in such a way.

Skinny jeans, loose clothes, colored hair, Korean hairstyle, earrings, sneaker shoes and walk like an anime character. A sure style of a k-pop star, whereas teenagers, replicate this image as their own. The Korean Wave mentality invoke that beauty is important, where those who do not belong in this society is no good. An act of lookism, where the ugly is an inferior rather than that beautiful creature who’s acting, singing and dancing in front of you. A culture that many Filipinos are adapting, trying to copycat those top artists and models in Korea to show that they are great. A social cognitive theory of Bandura which you mimic your idol and act like them.

Here, our society becomes accustomed to this change of Korean Mentality, like in a corporate job you must have always a pleasing personality and good looking. Those who have good looks are the cream of the crop, you may choose a beautiful sexy girl without skills and an average girl with a lot of potentials? The common answers are the beautiful one who will attract more customer and consider skills that can be learned.

Now, our students are facing this discriminating world created by the media that propaganda of good looking is more important; where you must spend your well earned money on beauty products and clothing. The students nowadays know how to tell the thing if it is branded or fake because of their materialistic upbringing where billboards, newspaper, media and others show that beauty is superior to any other things.

Life is not how you look beautiful to others, but what beautiful things you made for others. Life is short, God created us in the way He wants us. Our mission is to spread love, not animosity, jealousy, and envy. It is not bad to copy others but let their culture be it; and for our culture, we promote more of it, especially the “Bayanihan” and the resiliency of how we face disaster and problems. We are Filipino, who respect others despite his appearance and upbringing, and I am proud of it.