Key To Success

Post date: Aug 29, 2017 8:33:11 AM

By: Michelle Marie L. Silva

“Follow your heart.”

“Chase your dreams.”

The real meanings of these phrases were just slowly sinking in to me. I never really understood these phrases when I was young. Now that I think about it, I wish I realized their essence a bit sooner.

Eleven years ago, the only thing that was on my mind was to go to Manila after my high school graduation. I was looking forward to the new adventures ahead of me. I enrolled in a university without really thinking what I really want. I was young, immature and impulsive. My reason was I just need a degree and I can get any job I want afterwards.

Well it appears that is not the case. I graduated with a degree in BS Psychology which I thought was the easiest to take. I started looking for a job and found one with one of the major BPO companies in the Philippines, although my college degree was irrelevant. I was happy at first; the work was tolerable but the people were great! The salary was not really what mattered because I was happy with what I was doing and with the people around me. But three years later, I started to notice that I was becoming stagnant. I did not feel any growth; within me or with my career itself. I thought maybe I can try a new job. I then transferred to another BPO company and took a more challenging role. Months passed but I was still feeling empty, unhappy. It felt like there was something inside me missing but could not figure what it was.

Most, if not all, of my high school and college friends were already at the peak of their careers. Some of them have their own families now, but already achieved something in life. While here I was, 6 years after my college graduation and still didn’t know what to do and what I really want in my life. Was it because they followed their dreams? I asked myself, “Did I do the right thing?” “Was I wrong all along?” I started doubting my decisions.

I realized just recently that the real cause of my entire dilemma was because I did not plan out my life. I have not thought of my dream and future seriously. Being spontaneous and impulsive were two different things. I knew it was not too late to change things but still I should have followed and done the right thing the first time.

I am sharing my experience to hopefully help and inspire young people to follow what their hearts are passionate about. You have to think of the long term goals because in the end, you cannot put the blame to others if your life leads you to a rough road. You are the master of your own. I am not saying you need to follow your dreams even if the circumstances will not allow it. Let it be your guide in molding up and planning your future. Know your passion and follow what is in your heart because it will be the start and the key to your success in life.