Japanese visit ALS Balanga City

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Written by Doodz

Friday, 02 May 2008

by:Saadia Baluyot, Orlando Guevarra Jr, and Marjorie-Sheyen Sanchez

Alternative Learning System (ALS) in Balanga City received nineteen Japanese visitors from Supporting Organization of JOCV on February 5, 2008 for observation of its classes and also of activities conducted by Ms. Masae Iijima. Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) under Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) assigned to Balanga City to work for Out-of-School Youth in ALS. KATUWANG reporting team accompanied their tour to report this memorable event and the interview to the visitors conducted after the observation.

The visitors arrived at Balanga Integrated School at 9:45AM, with happy and excited mood. As soon as they got off the bus, they started taking pictures. After a while, they made courtesy call on DepEd Division Office of Balanga City, meeting Dr. Lilia M. Santiago, Assistant Schools Superintendent (OIC). The visitors received her heart-warming welcome and from all the staff there. The Superintendent introduced the achievements made by ALS Balanga City, and had a discussion with the visiting members on activities led by Ms. Iijima. It was one of their objective for coming all the way to Balanga City to inspect the volunteer’s activity.

The visitors proceeded to barangay San Jose to observe one of the ALS classes conducted by Mrs. Irene Alanas, Mobile Teacher. First, they met Mr. Delfin Rodriguez R. Diwa, Barangay Captain of San Jose, and started observation in the covered court, where the class was held. It was a great surprise to them to see the learners of ALS studying outside, next to the place where people were playing basketball. They wondered if the learners could concentrate in such an environment. The visitors said that they got a good impression from ALS because they could see how it helps OSY.