Post date: Feb 21, 2018 8:50:02 AM



The paramount goal of teachers is to educate the students for them to realize their highest potentials. Some might consider teaching as an easy job, but can anyone actually judge something they have not experienced?

As what seasoned and experienced teachers usually utter, being a teacher means not just being a plain-boring-teacher. It is about finding yourself juggling through various tasks and responsibilities you have not even studied back in your college days. Every day, you are a counsellor offering your invaluable reminders and guidance to your students. You also have to be a skilled communicator as you deal with your colleagues and sometimes even uncooperative parents. During times of accidents and emergencies, students rush to your do-it-yourself aid. Did I mention that you also have to be a total performer? When duty calls and special tasks have to be distributed, you can’t say no when you need to become an instant singer, dancer, poet, host, entertainer, and so on. No matter how unskilled you are in sports, you have to act like a star player and make it not too obvious that it is your first time to play.

As gruesome as it sounds, all these things add spice to the life of a teacher. Teachers do not mind the herculean tasks that need to be fulfilled as we, the educators, are always ready to serve.