Interruptions are the Main Barrier inside a Workplace Affecting Productivity

Post date: Apr 7, 2014 1:07:08 AM

By : Mylrose P. FelipeOne of the main barriers to achieve productivity and improvement is the existing number and length of interruptions each day. To mention few of these interruptions include repeated phone calls, too much talking with other office staff, an important missing file, vendors offering their products and more. The real difficulty with these annoying situations is that some of them can be necessary, while some are not and a plan to sort them out is a little complicated.

A disturbance or interruption always comes as an unpredicted event. On the average, many people can experience at least one interruption every 8-10 minutes, which is approximately 6 -7 distractions within 60 minutes. Because of this, they will need to handle around 50 or more interruptions within the day. Just imagine if you are experiencing around 50 or more distractions each day in your workplace, that already lose you 250-300 minutes and about 50% of your workday is useless.

When somebody interrupts during your working period, you often consume about 30 minutes to get back to your work and restore your concentration about what you are doing before the unexpected disturbance. Although you cannot eliminate all distractions inside your workplace, you can still reduce them by taking control of your time and keeping the level of your energy better.

Keep in mind that if you have a plan to increase your productivity, then you need to learn how to decrease the potential interruptions too. If your position inside the office is vital for the organization or business and experience interruptions, you will definitely lose much time and effort. This kind of situation makes it very difficult for you to get back into your zone or proper concentration of your work. Definitely, this can totally affect your work environment and your productivity. To overcome this issue, you need to discipline yourself and manage your time effectively.