Integrity: A Leader’s Legacy

Post date: Oct 15, 2014 6:57:49 AM

By: Mrs. Elena V. Almario

Head Teacher VI, Bataan National High School

Honesty as a policy is employed not only at work but also at home, at school, in life and in love. However, how often do we follow this? In this world filled with rules and regulations, this policy is already simple but still considered to be hard to follow.

In my personal observation, this policy is not followed religiously. If this simple rule is already not given high value, then I can already see the future enveloped in cobwebs.

I am a Department Head for years already. I have handled different kinds of people from almost all walks of life. I must say, being the one in authority is not glorious like what many people taught it to be. Do you have any idea why? It is because of that simple policy mentioned a while ago.

Being the person in charge requires perfection. All eyes, ears and entity are focused on you. One wrong move and everything will be turned into pieces. They expect you to be always right, updated, prepared, and unyielding. Hence, if you state something, you have to make sure that will happen and will really be actualized. If not, better say nothing.

In order to take the lead, the first thing to ensure is the trust of your people towards you and your ability. However, how do we build trust? We gain trust through being honest. But how can we be honest? It is through stating and delivering nothing but facts. Can you do this dutifully? Can you not make mistakes? If your answer is yes, to tell you honestly, you’re just only halfway to being a leader.

Being a leader does not only require honesty for there’s more than that, it is not simply saying the truth, but also doing what is right. We call that integrity. Integrity is being honest with honor and dignity. It made being a leader difficult.

A leader with integrity is someone who works with enthusiasm for the love of his craft. He does his duty may it be in the middle of a scorching sun or a foggy road. In short, he is someone who does not bother to check whether he is monitored or not. He just attends to his work for he is a leader who should serve as a good example: a role model.

In order to lead, you need to follow, not only the rules but most importantly the high moral principles that your people believe in. You have to live up your statements so to make a stand and gain believers.

As a leader, I personally believe that nothing is sweeter than being remembered and celebrated for being a person of integrity. So for those honing and molding people like me, may this serve as a simple reminder of our dutiful task as superior.