Post date: May 30, 2016 6:33:26 AM

By: Ramira R. Julian

Teacher I

Bataan National High School

With the aim of improving achievement and performance of students, educators are always striving to find better ways to pursue excellence for the welfare of the Filipino child. With this context, the schools should not stop in their quest for best practices in teaching PE or any other subjects.

Schools which try to improve their teaching and management should first research on best practices that have worked in other schools through education journals, published researches and education websites on the internet. The best practice is a technique or methodology that researches have proven effective.

One of the practices that can be considered better, if not best, is integrating other subjects in teaching P.E in a limited space. Teachers are the front liners, so they fully realized that in an educational world of high stakes testing and global competition and most of all the non-stop queries for strategies that will remedy underachievement are their great responsibilities to improve students’ performance.

It has become the urgent responsibility of every subject teacher to collaborate in developing the students higher order thinking skills and problem solving skills.

P.E teachers already know some of these strategies, but because of some reasons they neglect to employ them. Some schools have limited space for their P.E class, so why not think of some strategies which can be taught even if you have no enough space? Using the perceptual modality of movement or kinesthetic, which is one of the most proven ways to learn new things and where should also be given attention in teaching PE in a limited space. For example, drawing/painting an actual model in front of the class, then each work will be passed around for some written comments, until the painting or drawing returns to the owner.

By integrating other subjects into the daily lessons, physical educators have the best platform to support the development of life-long learners. To incorporate addition into my class, I would use a chasing and fleeing math-focused tag game during a warm up or other part of a lesson.(Math)Play games like Pinoy Henyo from different countries and highlight important information about the countries (Social Science).Put a rhythm and dance show in a lesson (Music) Have the students to do a nutrition web quest or a game of “Loop the hole” to answers some questions in a very easy way.

In the world for which we are preparing our students, creative problem solving and independent thinking will be required for solid educational foundation.