Inner Thoughts

Post date: Apr 7, 2017 2:37:22 AM

By: Beverly B. Porlante

Teacher II, Bataan National High School

As I reflect in my years of teaching, an overwhelming number of thoughts came into my mind. As John Dewey, an American philosopher once said, “ We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting enough. “ By this we learn and analyze what we have done and what we can think of new things and objectives we have to finish and achieve.

In my years of spending most of my time inside the four corners of a classroom, I realized the enormous impact that I have in my students. I like to think that I entertained them inspired them, and equipped them with much knowledge.

It has always been my goal to be an inspiration to my students. I strived to provide them life-changing experiences. I do not want to waste my opportunity to give them a roller coaster ride of life even inside the school. I want to be remembered for being the teacher who has excellent skills and enough patience in getting my students to actively engaged in learning.

However, I admit that achieving my goals is not easy and standing by my principles is not a walk in the park. I have been in this profession for years and it is inevitable to lose patience from time to time. A teacher, as a human; have also their black days. But, being the one In-charge, I cannot let the struggles bring me down. I am living my life aligned with this Japanese proverb says, “ To fall down seven times and get up eight.” I need to continue being a strong woman for my students to look me up and believed that nurturing them are not only their parent’s responsibility but also mine.

To sum up my experiences, I believed that the most important thing that I learned is what is obvious to my students. They are still young. For them, life is only a collection of days. Each lived one at a time. For them, each day should be spent finding the good in everything they laid their eyes on. For them, a day spent in dreaming, talking and laughing cannot be bettered. And for them, I will do what it takes to make them improve themselves and learned what are necessary. I will make their thousand days of studying worthy by being a teacher they can always count on.

I am quite far from being perfect. No one else was. Even monkeys fall from trees. But for my students, I have committed to myself that I will try to be the best that I can be.