Post date: Jan 9, 2018 12:39:56 AM


Katrina C. Balana

The advent rise of technology in this era is doing a lot of wonders. People and the distance between them are significantly narrowed. Information is effectively disseminated in real time. In a short click of a computer button, thousands of information is fast in coming in seconds. That in mind is also efficiency.

In the light of the same development, the volume of information that can easily be gathered from this technological hub is also giving a negative feedback. Not being positive, it would mean that not all of the available information can guarantee an authentic and verifiable fact. Thus, the spread of fake news in the web poses a grieve danger of massive misinformation.

Given the circumstance, it can lead to chaos as to what is true or not. This brand of inconvenience takes many from the expected convenience. Misinformation can lead to miscommunication when applied in a forum. The appreciation of facts is sacrificed for real-time data which are considered as doubtful. This is true especially in social media. Rather than being put into good use, it is unfortunate that it becomes tainted with abuse.

Information is an honest truth when it transmits the real facts and events. These are the ones that can prove beneficial to all spheres of activity or endeavor. Being responsible on its content is also a trademark of accountability. Even in what we say, it may pass an ear even without notice but it is sure that those who gave attention may be affected in taking it in.

This is the proper time to advocate a cause to rectify such a concern, acting on late can adversely affect the fate of the future generation of man. It is not only an issue of the present for even the past is being corrupted by the practice. It is alarming to see the future eroding even when it has not seen its start.

One prudent advice is to start it now with oneself.