Important Facts About Education

Post date: Aug 14, 2018 6:39:43 AM

By: Dalyn Ursulo - Sugatain

Education requires arduous tasks to earn its certification that you are able to successfully finish all the requirement of the course that you choose to become. It is the key to attain financial freedom that’s why Mandela once said that it is the key to fight poverty, truly enough, if we do our best in homing our skills in the schools we attend to, we become better. We can get better jobs appointments and we can change our economic status.

Why are there students who opt to be average and worse, they are truant and mean? Can they see their future in showing off their misdemeanor? Can they become useful citizen of our country, if they do not attend classes? Can they hone their skills if they skip classes? All of these rhetorical questions delineate an irresponsible individual, there is no future if we do not discipline ourselves and immerse ourselves to rigid trainings and classroom instructions.

Education nowadays is accessible to all, every student poor or rich, sick and healthy, lame or able can go to school. No one is to peace their intentions of attending schools. No one is deprived of their right. The only reason why some youths are not in schools is because of their wrong prioritizations.

We do not have to campaign the importance of education to our community so that we can really ensure that nobody will be left behind