Post date: May 25, 2017 5:07:31 AM

by: Engr. Jhon Zen I. Capulong

The word communication means the act of imparting or transmitting different information. This shows clearly the link between teaching and communication. Teachers are constantly imparting new knowledge or transmitting information to students.

There are five macro skills in the English language.They are the Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening and Viewing Skills. Every teacher, even not a language teacher must master these skills to have a very good communication skills with his or her students. Teachers need to be highly skilled in these areas to excel in their subjects being taught. They must be proficient communicators to be able to receive, understand and synthesize information to express themselves at a high level.

These teachers will become excellent teachers because they will be able to transmit knowledge, skills, and values at the same time they communicate their care for the students. They help students to be well- motivated. Good communication skills are crucial for teachers. They communicate with students, parents, colleagues and administrators every day. Whether it is on the telephone, in print electronically or even in the public address system, the message must be constructed carefully and delivered clearly to be properly received. In terms of writing, good handwriting, spelling and correct grammar are very important in all forms of written communication.

As Hubley puts it, communication is a complex process. At any stage of this process, things may go wrong, making the communication less effective. These things include noisy room, the speaker has blurred speech, other teachers speak very softly, other teachers speak very fast.

The most important way to overcome these barriers is two-way communication by getting regular feedback from the receivers, students in this case.