I am a Teacher My life Story

Post date: Aug 9, 2018 8:42:11 AM

I am a Teacher

My life Story

Ferdinand D Rodriguez/City of Balanga National High School

It is ironical I never wanted to become a teacher, I never had special regard for teaching, but here I am.

When I was younger, I did not actually know what I want. Initially I engaged myself in taking Engineering course in Manila, merely embracing the promise of financially successful future. Later I determined without finishing my education to try other opportunities to become rich and successful.

I grabbed a chance working as an apprentice inside the Ship Repair Facility; several years later, I used all means to work overseas- Japan, Papua New Guinea and Palau. Time flew fast I realized I was not getting any younger that I went back to the Philippines to get married.

Prioritizing my family I never went back abroad although I came back to school and this time to pursue a course in Education. It is noteworthy that I was converted to Baptist before coming back to the country. Here I was given chance to teach children during Sunday school and I found it very fulfilling.

That paved the way for me wanting to be a teacher. Inspired by the Master Teacher, it is my goal not only to help my student learn the English language but to impart spiritual values as well. With man’s fallen nature, it was expedient to restore him by regeneration of the spirit. All deepest problems manifested by the students can be helped by enlightening them with the very same lesson shared by God in the bible.

I am a teacher, my passion, perseverance, patience, temperament will all be the reason of my ideals. Every day I dare to be different. Now you see me exhausted, later you will be amazed of my new found strength. I might have lost my patience, but I will always be determined to be changed, more loving and compassionate teacher. More than a profession teaching is now a way of life.

It was my oath to become an effective language teacher. It is my zealousness to impact change among my students by extending the same resounding message of hope, life, and love.